Hello fella!

With more than 10 years in the cider business, we are here to help you out to diversify and offer something cool and unique to your customers.

Cider is a fast growing beverage category all over the world and we are specialized in cider.

So count on us to help you to find something special for your customers, something more than those average “ciders” full of sugar and without personality that you can find around.

What about having a cider tap on your bar?

  • We have kegs!

What about having a local brand that can meet your customers taste?

  • We have our own brand!

What about having some specialties from all Europe?

  • We exclusively import some of the best ciders from Europe!

What about having a Cider pop-up bar for your event or to pump your terrace up?

  • We have a cool Horse trailer cider mobile bar!

What about offering cocktails with a different range of distilled products?

  • More than only offering you a unique range of cider and apple distilled products, we can help you out to create a personalized drink to offer to your customers!

Tired of the same old boring caterings around?

  • We can help you with that. Cider culture is not only about the beverage itself, but also FOOD, real good food!

For more information about our services and products, please contact us we will gladly help you in anything we can! Cheers!